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Any chance CCC will include...

Question asked by Cornugon on Aug 24, 2015

Any chance CCC will include the following options in the near future:


-A proper VSync control: The current one doesn't work well, since it doesn't appear to force/override VSync in games and applications without (proper) VSync support. Add option for 1/2 VSync and such. See for RadeonPro on how it's done (or just transfer RP-guy Matauri to the driver team instead of having him work on some application I personally have no need for), or good old DXOverride which was once part of the Rivatuner package...


-Triple Buffering for DirectX: I know game devs should implement this properly in their games, but sometimes (like with VSync) they fail to do it for some reason. And again we AMD users need an external tool to work around this (RadeonPro or DXOverride).


-A framerate limiter with a higher range than between 55 and 95, and also works in DX9 and lower.


-Ambient Occlusion: For those older games that don't support it by default.


Or is there any good reason why these options are missing? (I don't call cluttering the CCC a good reason!).


Thread is inspired by the following thread on guru3D: