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What CPU does AMD have on the Horizon?

Question asked by fatrakoon on Aug 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by black_zion

As the title says...


What CPU does AMD have on the Horizon?


I have to ask because I have, in my shopping basket, my next PC and its Intel based.want so much to stick with AMD, but with the speed that the Skylake looks like its showing off, I am afraid to say that I am once again, going to leave AMD for the Intel side.I am very much a lover of AMD, and I have always gone over purely because the Intels that come out have been so much more quicker than the AMDs...


I am however, more than happy to wait a while, but only if I know a date that they are releasing their next CPUs?


My poor CPU is being run 24/7 @ 5Ghz and it needs a break... Plus, my daughter wants me to replace her I5 with this PC, and Im only doing it when I sort out my next build.


So come on AMD... When are you releasing the next level CPU, and what the heck are the specs of your best one?