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    gpu model number


      I paid good cash for my R9 270 oc why does it come up has R9 200 series it may be something small to AMD but to me it is a big deal.pleases fix this.It is the small things that make the big difference.

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          Because the word SERIES ? It won't be fixed, it has been that way forever. I have a R9 290...it is listed as R9 200 SERIES. A HD6970 is listed HD6900 SERIES....etc

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            All R9 200 series card from the R9 270 through to the R9 295x2 will read this way. This is the Series number and not the model of the card itself.


            From the screenshots you sent the Device ID shows correctly that it is a Asus R9 270 OC card. You don't need to worry about it showing which model it is.