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Required adapters for Radeon 7750

Question asked by crbcmedia on Aug 23, 2015

I recently purchased the Radeon 7750 (has 6 miniDisplayPort outputs), and I am trying to get a minimum of three video signals out.


This is what I am trying to get:


(1) miniDP -> FullDP -> HDMI -> DVI port on Samsung P2350 monitor

(2) miniDP -> VGA adapter -> VGA port on Samsung 2233 monitor

The two VGA outputs are actually each separately split using a powered splitter to 2/3 end products.


I am using this graphics card to run a church video service.  I need one video output to go to my control monitor (the P2350 monitor).

The other two outputs are going to

(1) 2233 monitor to the left of my center monitor AND to (1) big screen TV for the choir to see lyrics

(1) 2233 monitor to the right of my center monitor AND to (1) projector to display the lyrics to the congregation AND to (1) video recording equipment.


I have tried using both VGA adapters and DVI adapters (the monitors have both style), but I do need VGA adapters going to the projector and big screen TV since the cables have already been run to that equipment.

I tried setting up the 3 monitors and then pushing two additional VGA signals that were duplicated to each of the left/right monitors, but I can't get it to work properly.


Also...whenever I restart the computer, the settings I have applied don't remain.  They need to be reset again and again with each restart; where do I save them permanently?


Can someone tell me exactly which ("active") adapters I need to use?  A link to them would be awesome!  I purchased these adapters from Staples, but they obvioulsy are not active and part of the problem.