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    Random black screen crash with sound still running. (Display Driver Failure?)


      I've seen several other issues like this but none of them relate directly to my problem, but any help will be INCREDIBLY useful.


      OK so whats been happening is that whenever I play a video, start a game (it doesn't have to be a demanding game), or even when I was trying to get onto the AMD support forums, my screen will freeze for a second, then go black, flicker, then black again. I can always hear something in the background from whatever I was running or what not.  This can range from acting out at 3 minutes from login to an hour after login.


      My computer specs are:

      AMD Radeon XFX HD 7770

      Windows 10

      8 GB DDR3 (2x4GB) (not anything special)

      Intel i5 2400 Quad-Core

      (ask for more)


      This started after I upgraded the RAM and processor. It was previously a 4gb ram and a i3 Duel Core. I'm not sure if I hit something or misplaced something while replacing it that has caused this but you never know. From my isolation experiments, it seems that the cause of this is either the GPU driver or the GPU itself. I've replaced it with both the old processor and old ram, and it still is bugging out. At one point when I had downgraded the driver and tried GTA 5 in safe mode (GTA seems to cause the video error faster), GTA had played for a couple minutes, then when it seemed like it was going to black out, it came back and in the bottom corner I saw a message saying something like "Display Driver has failed and has recovered." It was the first time that had happened, but it instantly crashed GTA but not the computer.


      What I have done:

      - Completely uninstall GPU driver and reinstall.

      - Downgrade GPU Driver

      - Update all drivers.

      - Update motherboard and BIOS firmware

      - Completely WIPE the computer's drives and reset the computer.

      - Done the entire EXPAND.exe with the ati file (forgot the exact name, sorry.)


      If you can help me out AT ALL, I will BE SO FLIPPING HAPPY. Because it seems otherwise I'll be forced to buy a new card, which I do not look forward to.