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Crash with 15.7.1

Question asked by lex on Aug 22, 2015

First things first, I have a Radeon HD 7800 series, and I'm running Windows 7 64bit.


Yesterday, I randomly had a sudden graphical crash, where one of my monitors (I have two) suddenly turned completely black, and the other turned an olive green color, and just stayed there. I could still hear audio working fine in the background, but I couldn't see anything because of the video issue with my computer. When I tried to restart my computer, by holding the power button since that was my only choice, I noticed some weird colored lines over any text or picture showing on the screen. I could boot back to the "Windows is starting" screen with the logo, but I could not get past that and to the login screen. Both monitors would just go black and my PC would stop reading the hard drive. I could still hear the fans going inside, but the computer was completely idle.


I tried running the startup repair tool (it could not fix anything), doing a system restore (it could not restore anything), and even checking the BIOS to be sure my hard drive was being recognized (it was, and I didn't change any settings.) The only way I could reach the login screen, was to boot into safe mode and uninstall my video card driver. Once I was able to boot into Windows normally, I tried downloading the latest driver for my video card (15.7.1 which I was already using since it was released in late July.) I got prompted to restart after the installation was done. When I did, I could not get to the login screen again, and the only way I could get to the login screen, was to boot into safe mode and uninstall my video driver (again.) I also tried uninstalling 15.7.1 and installing the previous driver, 15.7, but when I did, my video card would not show up on the Device Manager.


So now I'm stuck in a loop, where if I want to use my computer, I have to boot into safe mode, uninstall my video card driver, restart my pc, and then have it automatically download the driver once I log in, only to tell me I need to restart my pc for it to take effect. But once I restart, I can't get to the login screen again without having to boot to safe mode to uninstall the driver. Not only that, but all the while, my pc now won't recognize that I have two monitors installed, so the image is just mirrored on both, and it looks like all the graphics settings have been massively downgraded, so my computer looks horrible, see the links below. I'm at a complete loss as to what to do next. Especially since I use this computer daily, and for work, I'm in dire need of help.


Thanks for reading my long post.


Pictures for proof:

Here's how the AMD site pages look:

Showcasing the graphic style I can't, or don't know how to, fix:

Phone picture of the Startup Repair screen. Those glitchy lines are everywhere: