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Is it the OS, or the Video Controller, or the Monitor that causes the resolution to change when the monitor is turn off?

Question asked by dlg on Aug 22, 2015

We have a Windows 7 Pro PC with a VisionTek AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB. We got this card   because it supports 4K specs. This card is attached to a 4K TV (Seiki 39" Class 4K LED   UHD TV - 3840 x 2160, 120Hz, 3x HDMI - SE39UY04). I works wonderfully except when the   monitor is turned off or goes to sleep mode. Then when the monitor is turned on or   awakened, all the windows that where open are resized (smaller) and stacked in the   upper left hand corner of the screen. Apparently, when the TV/Monitor is turned off   the resolution is reset to a smaller resolution. The question is, is this caused by   the OS (win7), or the Radion R7 240, or the TV(Seiki)? And maybe someone has a   resolution. Thanks in advance.