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Fury X - Display driver crashes all over the place

Question asked by junes on Aug 22, 2015

Sooo, at the end of June I got one of the few Fury Xs they actually sold in my country (to this date all major retailers still don't have any more in stock). At this time I already knew I had an unstable OS (frequent but random BSODs, sometimes right after boot, sometimes after 4 hour of uptime), thus I installed a new OS 2 weeks ago, also upgraded to Win 10 and did a number of other hardware changes. BSODs have gone away, but ever since then my Fury X has caused constant display driver crashes. I've ruled out other components since the system was stable on an R9 290. RAM and OS were also swapped at one point. So far I have experienced the 'AMD display driver crashed and has recovered' in the following situations:


- normal browsing, sometimes, very random

- Witcher 3 after 30-45mins

- Distance after 1-10mins

- SpaceEngine after 15secs

- 3DMark FireStrike benchmark during the second graphics test

- World of Tanks after 1-2 battles


I tried to increase the TDR in the regedit to 5 seconds, which gave me about 15 minutes more in Distance before it crashed, changing it to 12 crashed it immediately. Take this with a grain of salt though, since the crashes are very unreliable time-wise.


More things I will test in the upcoming days. I have already made a request for RMA at my retailer, but I'm looking for some people's opinion on the matter here too, what I should do etc. Thanks a lot in advance.