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    CCC not opening when installed


      Hey guys,


      I have installed the latest CCC 15.7.1. The options for the switchable graphics configuration & CCC are present. When I click on either, nothing happens i.e. doesn't open nor have any error messages. My card in the device manager is functioning properly, with all drivers being up to date. I have also downloaded all applicable W10 x64 drivers from my laptop manufacturer including the latest intel drivers. I have reinstalled CCC multiple times with the same problem recurring.


      I have a Acer TMP 455-MG with a HD8750M card. My PC meets all the requirements for Windows 10 x64 which I'm currently running.


      Any suggestions?



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          Does your mouse just flicker a bit then nothing happens after clicking on CCC?  That's a good sign that the icon is there but the installation is missing, check Programs & Features.

          You probably need to uninstall the AMD Installation Manager and then reinstall the complete driver set and check that CCC and Installation Manager both show up in Programs & Features then woohoo good to go.


          By the way I am also running Win 10 64-bit.


          Notice the actual build after you reinstall, it is probably 1003 now, used to be 1002 a few days ago AND when Win 10 auto update downloads an AMD update very shortly after your reinstallation it will be 1004, hoping it remains stable for you.


          My conclusion is that AMD's 15.7.1 is not quite solid for Win 10 64-bit, it's all over the map hence the different builds.


          Good luck!

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              I got it working, Everything is up and running!


              It was an installation issue. I express uninstalled the all AMD software, rebooted and started up in safe mode. I used a DDU and removed all residual display drivers and registry files. Rebooted again in normal windows and reinstalled all software. Worked perfectly


              Thanks for the help, appreciate it!