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    Please help: CodeXL 1.8 profiler complains about not being able to load driver




      I have a computer with A10-7850k, Radeon 7990 graphics card and Windows 10 operating system.


      When I try to profile CodeXL examples AMD teapot or AMD Matrix Multiply I get this error message:




      That happens no matter which version I use: standalone CodeXL or VisualStudio 2013.  Of course rebooting does not help.


      Any suggestions?


      Note: I've tried CodeXL 1.7 as well, to see if that works.  CodeXL 1.7 had a slightly more informative error message: in addition to complaining about not being able to load driver, it was saying it cannot run under that hypervisor. 


      About hypervisors: The only hypervisor installed on the machine is Hyper-V.  However there is no virtual machine started and therefore CodeXL does not run on any virtual machine.