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Weird looking with driver update: Win 7 64bits / AMD HD 6850

Question asked by kotem13 on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2015 by goodplay

I have  a AMD HD 6850 in my pc and I just updated the drivers to the last version, 15.7.1. I have Windows 7 / 64bits. I don't know the version I had before installing this one, but the othar had a really NICE looking and I did not have many problems with it.



The problem is I noticed after the update everything looks so weird. And it's weird in a bad way. The icons and the games feel so weird, somehow everything looks like with more colour and it's so crude... Finishing, the text looks so blurry and it's annoying, I feel like I'm gonna go mad if I spend a lot of hours in front of the monitor (and belive me, I do).


(English is not my mother tongue, so I might write some mistakes)