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Artifacts after driver installation

Question asked by södy on Aug 21, 2015



I have a HP 8460p notebook with a HD6470m.


When I came back from my break today, the screen was all messed up (I only locked the screen, didn't turn off the notebook).


I thought the graphics unit was damaged until I started up the windows safe mode and uninstalled the driver.

Whenever I try to install a driver for my graphics card (I tried the one from HP and from AMD), I get the following image:


View image: IMG 20150821 170058529


However, when I use the default driver ("Microsoft Basic Display Adapter"), everything works fine, until I install the AMD driver.


I use Windows 10 and never had problems with it. I also did a fresh install of Windows 7 but had the same issues.


Is my graphics unit broken or is there something else I could try? I never overclocked it.