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Secondary display power on results in detection of a “new” display on Catalyst 13.12 and above (in some cases 14.1 beta and above)

Question asked by xiatian on Aug 21, 2015

I'm using a Sapphire HD7950 FleX OC with Boost, 3 GB DDR5, and these other cards: ASUS HD5450, Gigabyte HD6870, Club 3D R9 285 royalQueen 2GB GDDR5 CGAX-R92856.


Hardware is as follows:


Intel Core i7-3770K

16 GB DDR3 (Corsair Vengeance XMP)

Intel DZ77RE-75K

PSU is a 600W Chieftec model.


(The issue was successfully reproduced by me on an ASUS P5E board, X38, and on several other systems.)


Displays: BenQ FP241Wz (DVI) as the primary monitor, Sony KDL-47W808A (Smart TV, connected via HDMI) as secondary. Also tested with: HP 2159m (over DVI), Sony KDL-46EX653 Smart TV, Samsung D series 32" Smart TV.


OS: Windows 7 (Windows Update enabled), Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Catalyst versions: 13.9 and earlier, 13.12, 14.4-latest.


The problem is as follows:


If using any Catalyst version from 2014 (early betas included) on any Windows version from 7 up to 10, every single time a Bravia TV is powered on via the remote:

  1. Windows produces the “New hardware found” sound alert;
  2. Display configuration resets (in Windows 8 and up the wallpaper set for the 2nd display resets);
  3. Aero resets (in Windows 7, all Aero thumbnails are gone);
  4. All application windows are moved from the 2nd monitor to the 1st.


Note: this happens strictly when the secondary display (TV) turns on. This does not happen when it turns off. There is no “hardware disconnected” sound alert neither when turning off nor when turning on.


This does not happen with Samsung TVs and NEC displays.

This happens with both Bravia TVs (they are different model ranges and years) and with HP 2159m.


This happens on all my AMD cards: HD5450, HD6870, HD7950, R9 285.


If using any Catalyst version earlier than 2014, including 13.12 (HD5450 seems to have this issue on 13.12 as well, but on 13.9 works fine):

Everything works fine. There are no video resets, application windows stay on the secondary monitor, secondary display's wallpaper is not reset. (Obviously this was not tested on R9 285 as 13.12 does not support it.)