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Windows 10 verandert Bildschirmauflösung

Question asked by picaro on Aug 21, 2015

After W 10 my screen resolution has changed. With a resolution of 1360x768 W7 was advised now only 1024x768. Under W 7 two graphics cards were available in the Device Manager: 1.) HD 4250 and 2) HD 5470. When W10 is from the HD 4250 a "% AMD9712.1%" and 5470 happened to the HD Radeon HD 5000 series a, The % AMD9712.1% does not contain more drivers. The screen image is distorted in the width of resolution I have only 1024x768 or 800x600 is available. The driver search tells me the automatic driver detection program in AMD that the drivers are current Windows 10th Who can help me?