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display drivers stop working but have recovered

Question asked by danieos2 on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by wmylet

I had a hard drive crash and had to reinstall my OS and all my programs back onto my computer...every since then when ever I try to play Lord Of The Rings Online or Tomb Raider (thru steam) online the games will freeze for a few seconds and then the following happens....Tomb Raider will freeze for a few seconds and close and I end up on my desktop but can not use mouse and have to hit ctrl+alt+del to get task manager up so I can close down the Tomb Raider game.... Lord Of The Rings Online I am playing and it will freeze for a few seconds then the message will come up that the display drivers have stopped working but have recovered, however this does me no good, when this happens the game screen goes all I close or minimize it to desktop and then reopen it...when it opens the screen is all black, I can hear the game but no longer see it and have to shut it down and restart it....only to have it do the same thing again when I try to play and the same with Tomb Raider, I have the newest cat and drivers.... I am using 2 HD 7700 Asus cards.... both have 2-gigs of GDDR5 memory on board and my system has 16-gigs of memory on the MOBO.... my system ran just fine before I had to reinstall everything...played games just fine...I had a real hard time installing the cat and drivers...kept installing them but when the system rebooted it would tell me I need to install new updated drivers and when I would go into Device Manager the radeon cards showed no drivers installed for them...had to delete the old ones off system and the directories too...then reinstalled the new ones from downloading from AMD site...only to have games keep doing what they are doing...... I am at a total loss as to what is the I going to have to switch please


Daniel Goggia