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Error in the execution of online videos

Question asked by andreym_costa on Aug 21, 2015

I'm having errors in the execution of online videos, for example on YouTube or other players, most of the time everything is dark screen, leaving just the sound, but it has happened several crashes during the execution, and the internet was stable. I noticed that it started after installing the latest update, the update that supports Windows 10, and is the second driver installation that gives an error, but the installation proceeds and when I go to the log check the error code, is all ok, someone can help me? I always liked my Radeon, she has endured games that I did not imagine it would run ... Thank you in advance!

I have ATI Radeon HD 6310

I do not know if it matters but my directx is 11 and memory of Radeon is 384MB

Windows 7 64Bits

Processor: AMD Dual Core E-350 1.6GHz



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