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AMD Gaming Evolved not recording Minecraft

Question asked by capofantasma97 on Aug 21, 2015


I am unable to record Minecraft using AMD Gaming Evolved. I am using the latest official launcher of Minecraft available at, and I am trying to record with the 1.8.8 version in fullscreen. My PC is a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop featuring AMD Radeon HD 8670M, an Intel Graphics Family, and Intel Core i5 4200U.

The exact behavior of the issue is:

1)open Minecraft, and wait until overlay is loaded

2)start the game

3)start the recording

4)the recording gets freezed at 00:00, trying to stop the recording with the shortcut won't work

5)after I close the game and open the destination folder of the recording, nothing appears, like it never started recording

I tried AMD Gaming Evolved on another game, TF2, and works fine.

I have the latest Catalyst driver and Windows 10 as Operative System.


I also opened a ticket some days ago in Raptr support, but they are lazy :don't make me tell how I would call them: and they don't reply


Thanks for your time,