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stuck at idle clock and overheating

Question asked by ra1dmax on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by xfxsupport

my HD7870(xfx Ghost) is overheating due to beeing stuck at idle clock in games like Diablo Battlefield and World of Warcraft as examples
this has happened with 15.7, 15.7.1 and 15.6 beta drivers so far in the process of rolling back to 14.12 to see if that solves the problem
with every version tried so far i have used the installer to uninstall first then CCleaner to clean out anything amd related then rebooting and installing a new driver


what is happening is that for the first couple of minutes or so after a restart of the PC the card is running at the proper clocks (core 1050/mem 1250) but after that the card reverts to idle settings (150 core/300 mem) witch is pretty much making the card overheat in the matter of minutes even with temperature fan control(MSI Afterburner and that is the only setting in afterburner i use the fan control)

so far the card has been up in 102°C witch is like 30°C above what i had in games like Crysis 3 before this problem popped up



really hope somone can help out as i'm a core raider in WoW so losing out on raid days aint fun