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Question asked by markz on Aug 20, 2015

Good afternoon!

Acquired 9370 processor.

There was an unstable operation. First decided that the problem with cooling. But a detailed study of the forums has led me to believe that in all the Internet a lot of misinformation. All motherboards that support 9370/9590 can not cope with its task. A portion of these motherboards simply misinform customers the ability to support 9370/9590 processors. All motherboards observed overheating mosfet, Northbridge. Many outages. They simply can not cope with 220W or something else. And considering that the 9370/9590 processors and motherboards for them is the top system, and also the cost. in as a result - nothing works. I certainly understand that motherboard manufacturers you have no relationship, but in general the situation gets more failure!

Do you plan revocable company?

I would like to change my processor 9370 to 8320/8350 with payment. Because that there is no normal motherboards for 9370/9590 processors.