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FirePro 2460.  3rd screen greyed out and won't drag in CCC.

Question asked by pyeeye on Aug 21, 2015
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Running XP Pro, new FirePro 2460, 2 screens (2560x1440 capable) via miniDP to DP cables and 1 screen (2560x1440 capable) via active Bizlink DP to Dual Link.



In CCC>Displays Properties only 2 screens (in any combination) seem to be able to be configured in an extended Desktop; the third display is greyed out in the "Attached displays currently disabled." box.  Current running processes in Process Explorer are ati2evxx.exe (2 instances), MOM.exe and CCC.exe


Attempted Solutions

Completely uninstalled Microsoft.NET framework.

Completely uninstalled all ATI/AMD/Nvidia/Intel graphics software as per the AMD recommendations and further by using the Guru3D software in Safe Mode.

Uninstalled ESET anti-virus.

Installed the CCC (via FirePro_8.982.8.3_XP_X32X64_148577.exe) and Microsoft.NET 2.0 (and also 4.5).



Problem continues, would someone please give me some guidance?


Thank You