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My Radeon HD 5670 used to play blurays, but according BD Advisor, now it's bluray incompatible?

Question asked by rockzariii on Aug 20, 2015

Okay, so my setup is pretty old. A few years ago I bought a bluray drive and played them fine with my Radeon HD 5670. Unfortunately, my bluray drive failed about a year ago and I never really got another one until just recently. Nothing in my system's hardware has changed except for the drive. When I go to play a blu ray disc, PowerDVD opens it fine and I can hear the sound, but I have no video. After trying several things (including updating my drivers, of course), I finally downloaded Cyberlink's BD Advisor and now it says that my graphics card is not capable of playing blu rays. This is bizarre to me because I've played blu rays with this exact same setup. Has anyone else heard of or experienced a similar problem??