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    "Latest Discussions" has gone berserk


      All of a sudden, the 'latest discussions' has started regurgitating old posts and indicating they are but minutes old



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          OH NO,there's me.and it is bloody old.


          Aside from that, jtrudeau seems to be the man, re. forum setup issues, but seems to mostly play (I've noticed your little(big) play arounds)  in the "Community Help" section.


          If we want any fixes/mods, to forum, we should post them there.


          Seems quite willing to improve the forum, within the confines of........  

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              Very  perceptive


              I'm actually responsible for DevGurus, and really, officially, have no responsibility for the overall AMD community. BUT... we don't work like that around here. The reality is, AMD decided to build a community and use the same platform that DevGurus has been on for 3 or 4 years. So, I'm the guy around here with some expertise in how to configure things, set it up, etc. AND... I like listening and making things better for the people who ultimately pay my salary. Call it enlightened self interest


              So, the only part of the overall community I pay a lot of attention to, now that we are up and running, is Community Help. That's the "So How Does This Place Work and How Can We Make It Better" department. And even if it isn't officially  "my job" to do that, I see that it is my job. For the rest, I hide out in the background and assist the Support Forum moderators with their questions as they learn, and that's become quite rare now that we've been up for about 3 months.

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              How did you do that, I only just replied.


              Edit:- Sorry, my bad(Friday after work beers).Added comments(took a while),after orig. reply.