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AMD R290X and triple head Dell U2415 display port screen blinking

Question asked by mmp121 on Aug 20, 2015

Hi Everyone!


As per the topic line, I have three (3) Dell U2415's (rev A02) which I recently purchased from Newegg connected to my ~1.5 year old ASUS Radeon R9 290X DirectCU II via the 3 supplied display port / mini display port cables.  I've wired the monitors from the GPU to middle monitor, to the far right monitor to the far left monitor.  All three monitors have Display Port (DP) 1.2 enabled.  All three monitors are running as independent screens @ 1920x1200.  I have NOT enabled any Eyefinity groups / functionality.


I'm running this on Windows 7 64-bit using CCC 15.7.1


I have everything working the way I want, and have noticed that 'randomly' one of the three monitors will 'blink' to a black screen for about ~1 to 2 seconds and then resume displaying what it was showing before.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason for when they blink.  It seems to happen about every four to six hours when I'm using the PC.


Needless to say this is starting to become quite annoying.


Any suggestions or idea's would be great!