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R9 290 Dualscreen = Grenn screen with no coulour only white and black

Question asked by lechevalierblanc on Aug 20, 2015



I'm frenc so sorry about my poor english.


I have a computer with a R9 290 card (and a lot of problem with it)


But the thing today is, i bought a second screen to do a dual screen.


Yesterday i connected the second screen on the card, it's was ok, no problem.


Today when i started the computer the softwer AMD Catalyst control center ask me to setup the sound. And after that i only had trouble and trouble.

One screen becaume without colours, after the two screen without colours.


I disconnected the second screen to have only the first but still without colour only white and black.


I did a lot of uninstall and install one more the driver (i know that my phrase is not correct hope you could understand)


One time my computer loose the Graphic card.


It is completely the mess, because i wanted to have a second screen, who is after hours always without colours.


If you have any ideas thank you for helping me please!