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Open CL 2.0 on R9 280 (HD 7950)

Question asked by vbb on Aug 20, 2015
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i am new on opencl and want to figure out wether or not it is suited to accelerate my scientific simulations (about statistics of granular media)
firstly i am doing some tests on my private machine. First results are promising, but now i want to figure out the usage of

device side queuing. Therefore i need opencl 2.0 support. On AMD's website is stated the R9 200 supports openCL 2.0.


However, on my machine it do not work on both systems, windows7 and ubuntu 14.04. I have attached the clinfo output to this posts.
Using Windows the device is detected as Radeon R9 200 series, in linux system as a radeon hd 7900 (which have essentially the same hardware architecture like the R) 280).  In both cases the device side OpenCL Version is OpenCL 1.2.
Is OpenCL 2.0 not supported for the R9 280, or it is possible to do something to enable openCL 2.0 support on my system.

I have installed the newest Catalyst driver on both systems.


thanks in advance for your help