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    R9 280x Triple Monitor Not W


      Hey guys, I recently purchased 3 monitors for my computer, they're all identical 23" AOC I2369Vm IPS panels. However when plugging them in I can only get two of them to work at a time. Windows does recognise the three displays however I must have one disabled for the other two to work. All of the monitors, ports & cables work fine, it's just it doesn't allow me to enable/extend to the third one, it simply tells me that "The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings".

      As of right now, I have the monitors plugged directly into the graphics card using 1 HDMI cable and the other two using HDMI cables that go into mini DP adapters as I only have one HDMI on the graphics card.


      I have tried every possible combination of cable, but simply cannot get the card to run a third monitor. I have listed my graphics card and monitors below Any ideas?


      I2369VM AOC Monitor - AOC

      MSI UK - Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more

      Graphics Card Outputs:
      1x DVI

      1x HDMI

      2x MiniDP


      I did read that I may need an active display port converter, is there any other cheaper options?mo


      Also, my monitors do not have have DVI on them so that won't be an option, my monitors have the following outputs:

      1x Displayport

      2x HDMI

      1x VGA