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    The latest 15.7.1 driver version...dated


      Notice the newest driver date in this post? It's from the Red Team forum. Finding this makes a person wonder why AMD doesn't notify the public when it makes changes to a existing driver. The change (fix) just might help a lot of people. Unfortunately when users 'uninstall and install' multiple times trying to fix their issue, they generally install the driver suite they initially downloaded. Ergo > no change. AMD could at the very least change the driver date on the download page. Maybe ray_m or amdmatt would ask about that?





      Amd Evolution software driver bug




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          Thanks for your feedback kingfish.


          If we make small updates to the driver but retain the same Catalyst release number then we update the fixed or known issue sections of the release notes to reflect these changes. For example, we recently made two small updates to Catalyst 15.7.1 to correct some issues that were fixed.


          HOTFIX : 8/10/2015 - the driver package has been updated to 15.20.1062.1004 to fix a know issue :


          • [423311] A TDR error may be experienced when accessing the Windows Metro camera application, the Skype application or the Xbox application

          HOTFIX : 8/5/2015 - the driver package has been updated to 15.20.1062.1003 to fix a know issue :

          • [423635]  A Blue Screen error may be observed with some Intel+AMD configurations on driver installation.