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installing AMD chipset drivers crashes windows 7 64-bit

Question asked by dwgibbs4 on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by dwgibbs4

Windows 7 64-bit (Home Premium or Ultimate), installed on a MBR hard disk, works until after installing the Manufacturer or AMD Chipset drivers package (A4-7300 or A8-3870)?


I've reinstalled multiple times on Asus F1A75V-Pro, Asus F1A75M-Pro, and MSI A88X-G45 Gaming motherboards (MOBOs) using different computer cases, DVD Optical drives, DDR3 Dimms (Crucial 4GB dual channel), and power supplies. Each attempt ends up identical. The win7 install is fine so I install the MOBO Mfg's DVD to put in the Amd Catalyst Chipset driver package which puts in tons of things like MSFT Compiler 2010/2012 for x86 (that's strange since it's a 64-bit OS install!!!) and the drivers complete installation with 0 errors. I view the installation log file and it shows everything is successful (unless I install using the Custom instead of Express install choice). Next the installation pops up a window telling me to restart the computer so I select yes. The computer restarts normally, puts up the Starting Windows 7 screen normally, blanks the video after 5-10 seconds normally, then the problem occurs because the system restarts itself back to BIOS and reboots to the error booting system screen. If I run repair installation it can't so I allow it to use restore points to fix the system. After the restore the system resets back to BIOS and boots into windows. I look at the packages and see the repair restored all the AMD driver installation except the AMD Chipset installation of the Microsoft C++ Compiler 2010 x86.


I understand how to protect from ESD while working with computer parts, have already RMA'd 1 motherboard, purchased a different motherboard model on a different computer, swapped power supplies, DVD drives, SATA cables, minimized DDR3 usage, change computer chassis, and changed chipset drivers (using MOBO DVD and AMD website driver package, as far back as is public) to see if older drivers will fix this. I currently have an APU at AMD for RMA to see if it's the APU.


It feels like the driver package doesn't work correctly for windows 7 64-bit for the Chipset Graphics.


And why is the Chipset Driver installing x86 and x64 Microsoft Compilers for 2010 and 2012 then leaving the wrong architecture compiler behind when restore (at least) gets the video back so windows logs in again?


Any ideas of how to fix this would be appreciated.