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Windows 10 and 1080p/4k issues

Question asked by huski on Aug 19, 2015

Hi There,


So I recently bought 2x Soniq 4k TV's to play games with my partner, but when trying to hook it up to my systems neither of them allow me to select 4k or even 1080p using HDMI or DP to HDMI. Extending the problem, when using both panels in eyefinity on 1080i the right screen has tears non stop through it and the mouse now has lag. I have bought new cables, and adapters - all still the same result. Done the obvious reinstall drivers - nothing. Only solution has been a single DVI cable which allows for a max of 1080p and no lag - but I can only use the one TV with no sounds.


Cards I'm using are a Sapphire 7970 with an AMD 8320 in my HTPC and Sapphire 290XT in an intel 920 in my gaming rig - both have the same issues.


At first I thought it was the TVs and possibly an EDID issue, but my Surface pro 1 and 3 both allow 4k and 1080p without issue, as well as my WIi U and Xbox One displaying 1080p perfectly. Is there a fix out there or a known issue? Because the only solution that has been presented to me so far is to swap to an Nvidia card - which I don't want to do as these cards have both been solid and I don't have the spare money now.