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    Driver failure HD 7950


      Hey, I just got my friends old PowerColor Radeon HD7950 after he upgraded. But I can't get it to work.


      Right after I have installed the GFX-card and not instaled AMD CCC + driver, it works with Windows Default vga-driver something. BUt when I install the AMD CCC+driver 15.7.1 i can boot windows in 60Hz, with many artifacts (Them artifacts. - YouTube ) right after startup. but dies in some wierd black/brown/grey vertical lines all over screen after a minute.


      If I use my 144hz and change settings in windows to show 144hz the screen goes black right after the black "starting windows..."-screen dissappears. I've also tried all Inputs (mini-DP/DVI/HDMI), and 3 different screens (my 60hz samsung pc-screen, my benq 144hz and my LG tv).


      I have tried alot of older versions without any luck. Each time i try a new driver i use Guru3D display driver remover to remove drivers.



      Any suggestions?


      My setup is:



      CORSAIR Vengeance Dual C DDR3 16GB

      650w something PSU.

      Win7 64-bit.

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          Check if the 2 6pin cables are tightly connected to the gpu adapter first.

          If no driver works, then it could indicate a hardware failure.

          If the card does not overheat from accumulated dust and dirt, the fan works good, and the tim does not actually need to be replaced, then you may also have issues with the vrm or vram chips of the card.


          What gpu were you using before ?

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              the 2 6pins should be tightly, yes.

              well, the default windows vga-driver-something work without artifacts and crashes.  its after i install the AMD CCC + driver the failure starts. thats why i think its the driver doing it.

              and the card didnt overheat or anything before i got it. not sure what this "tim" is in this case.


              before (or now, since the 7950 doesn't work) i use a xfx hd 5770 without any problems.