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Driver failure HD 7950

Question asked by danielsen on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by danielsen

Hey, I just got my friends old PowerColor Radeon HD7950 after he upgraded. But I can't get it to work.


Right after I have installed the GFX-card and not instaled AMD CCC + driver, it works with Windows Default vga-driver something. BUt when I install the AMD CCC+driver 15.7.1 i can boot windows in 60Hz, with many artifacts (Them artifacts. - YouTube ) right after startup. but dies in some wierd black/brown/grey vertical lines all over screen after a minute.


If I use my 144hz and change settings in windows to show 144hz the screen goes black right after the black "starting windows..."-screen dissappears. I've also tried all Inputs (mini-DP/DVI/HDMI), and 3 different screens (my 60hz samsung pc-screen, my benq 144hz and my LG tv).


I have tried alot of older versions without any luck. Each time i try a new driver i use Guru3D display driver remover to remove drivers.



Any suggestions?


My setup is:



CORSAIR Vengeance Dual C DDR3 16GB

650w something PSU.

Win7 64-bit.