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My Radeon 5000 graphics card has stopped working. Need help figuring out the problem.

Question asked by brian42 on Aug 19, 2015

A few days ago my computer stopped booting past the "Windows Starting" screen. It just goes blank.


I've been struggling with it for two days now, and here's what I know:


1. My computer starts fine in Safe Mode.

2. If I disable my graphics card (AMD Radeon 5000), it starts in normal mode, too. Obviously, though, the computer isn't particularly usable like that.

3. Restoring to a previous point doesn't help.

4. Using the "Last Known Good Whatever" doesn't help.

5. I've run Malware scans, virus scans, and Windows Defender - turned up nothing.

6. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers doesn't help (I have Windows 7, if that matters).

7. It worked OK for a day or two after the initial installation.

8. The last update to the Radeon drivers contains this release note which seems like it'd affect me: "[423635] A Blue Screen error may be observed with some Intel+AMD configurations on driver installation. As a workaround, please update your drivers using Windows update."


This last point seems incredible to me, that this error could make it through. How are you releasing a driver update that causes some computers not to function? Are there plans to fix this?  I'm not sure what "updating your drivers using Windows update" means exactly, but I tried - I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them through the Device Manager. It didn't work. If this isn't what is meant by this workaround, please let me know and if possible walk me through the fix.


Can anyone help me out with this? Really at my wits end - put about ten hours into struggling with this thing already.