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Radeon HD 5470 Windows 10 no HDMI

Question asked by tetrodotoxin89 on Aug 19, 2015

I recently updated my Acer Aspire Timeline TG3820 (integraded Radeon HD 5470) to Windows 10 and have Issues with the HDMI output.


Although the HDMI cable is fine, the drivers are up to date (also tried autodetectutility.exe) and VGA works as it should, Windows don't detect a HDMI component when it is connected (tried a second screen and TV). My Samsung Smart TV detects a connection but get's no signal. On Windows 7 everything worked fine, but now i can't project the Screen via HDMI.


On different boards I found similar problems with the HD 5XXX series. Does anyone also have this Issue and maybe fixed it? What can be the problem?