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AMD R9 390 + FX 8350 bad performance - CPU bottleneck or bad drivers?

Question asked by jeffcloud123 on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by kingfish

I bought an MSI AMD R9 390 with 8GB of VRAM and paired it with my FX 8350. One thing I immediately noticed was that the performance is sort of...unexpected. I have MSI Afterburner's On-screen-display running while gaming. I noticed something. When running certain games (mainly open world games) at 1080p, the GPU percentages are pretty low. Playing GTA V at very high settings pushes my GPU to only 50% to 60% average. Sometimes the GPU usage drops to the single digits - causing my fps to drop to the 30s to low 40s; this happens when I drive quickly through the map. CPU percentages are pretty much at 70% on most of the cores. Is this a CPU bottleneck? From my perspective, the CPU here isn't really maxed out. So the CPU isn't really bottlenecking this GPU - or is it? Keep in mind that this occurs in other open world games too, mainly games with NVidia logos in'em. Battlefield 4 an "AMD optimized" game also has this issue but at a smaller degree. Performance is good @ constant 70+ fps. Yet GPU percentages are still bellow 80% to 90%.


Games that have this issue

- gta v (bad GPU usage and bad performance at low 40s in most areas at 1080p. however if I am indoors, the gpu usage goes up to 100%)

- farcry 4 (really bad stuttering and bad GPU usage. when indoors gpu usage goes up to 100%) at 1080p

- Batman Arkham Origins (really bad stuttering when flying through the maps, accompanied with really low GPU usage. GPU usage is fine when I stay in one small area of the map) at 1080p

- bf4 (gpu usage is decent outdoors and 100% when indoors)


so it seems like GPU usage is good when indoors. probably due to these games being more CPU intensive.


If it's not a CPU bottleneck, then could it be that AMD just hasn't released drivers that work well with the FX chip?


If I play at higher resolutions the GPU percentage to 3200 by 1800 spikes up to a good 100% - constant. Even at 1440p, I still get fluctuations bellow 90% in some games.



AMD FX 8350 Stock

AMD R9 390 8GB from MSI driver v15.7.1

PSU Thermaltake Tough Power Gold 750watts 80 plus gold


Temperatures are fine, no overheating.


bottom line is, I wish amd would release drivers that make the amd r9 390 perform better. man, why did gta v have to have the NVidia touch to it!?