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PC games freeze while using r9 290 (sapphire tri-x oc)

Question asked by luca on Aug 19, 2015

     I've had an AMD Sapphire r9 290 tri-x oc for about a year now, and after about 2-3 months of using it my screen will freeze up, black screen then come back to its normal state or the game's screen will disappear and I have to end task. Or the game just crashes. Sometimes I get a message saying "Drivers have stopped responding and have recovered".


     My specs:

  • AsRock z97 Extreme4
  • AMD Sapphire r9 290 Tri-X OC
  • i5-4690k @ 4.0 GHz
  • Corsair 550w PSU
  • hyper 212 evo air cooler.
  • 2x4Gb ram
  • 3(total) TB HDD
  • 120Gb SSD


     Any help would be appreciated