15.7.1 Catalyst fails to install graphic driver on Windows 10 with E-350 / HD6310

Discussion created by onnaj on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by ray_m

I'm having problem with installing the new graphic driver using Catalyst Manager 15.7.1. It tries to install driver 5.200.1062.1004 but every time it says it fails. I'm getting the error that i it isn't installed for the specific hardware.


I've completely uninstalled my HD6310 and removed the drivers, but the errors gets back every time. When i look at the graphic driver it's using now it says that it's driver 15.200.1023.7.


I'm also having a lot of problem with playing flash and for example youtube video's. While before i was able to play 1080p on youtube without problems. It's stuttering and sometimes i get a green screen. Think this is a common problem though since the W10 upgrade.


I have a Zotac AD02 with a E-350 and HD6310 APU, upgraded from windows 7 x64 to windows 10 x64.