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15.200.1062.1003 Random BSOD

Question asked by feaukuti on Aug 18, 2015

I'm having some random BSODs after the last update. I'm still doesn't noticed any pattern that cause the BSODs. I have three so far:

1 - opening World of Tanks

2 - surfing on Youtube

3 - opening Defiance  

Before and after the fix, i have played these games, so i can't tell why or when the BSOD happened those three times.


The Catalyst Control Center doesn't even open, no matter how many times or reboots I try. The Catalyst tray icon disappeared.

Never had any problems before this fix. No other program or OS update were installed after the Catalyst fix.



Windows 7 x64

AMD FX 6100

R9 290X


Anyone got any clues or i just have to keep waiting for a new "fix"?

Sorry for any broken english.