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Cannot connect more than one monitor to R9 290x 8GB on Windows 10.

Question asked by kromara on Aug 18, 2015

I've been having this issue for a while now and was assuming that AMD would fix this with usual updates.

I have 2 LG 25" Ultra-Wide 21:9 monitors and I cannot connect more than one monitor at a time to my Sapphire R9 290X 8GB. The other monitor does not appear in the Display Settings for Windows 10. Prior to my upgrade to Windows 10, I was running Windows 7 which had no issues with these two monitors. I am running 1 monitor on HDMI (the one that is currently working properly) and monitor on Display Port (which is currently not working at all). I have used this monitor with success on another device other than my computer (an Xbox 360) using the HDMI input. I am not sure if this is just an issue with Display Port on my card or something larger.