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    Open GL ES SDK 3.0 cannot be downloaded




      I am developer with experience with different gpus and cpu.

      I working on opencl, directx and other gpu libarires.


      This link with opengles sdk is broken.

      When i download it, a virus scanner removes libgles sdk libraries.


      Here is the link from the site:




      This is the message i get.





      Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server removed a file since it was found to match a filter.

      File name: "winmail.dat->GLES_SDK_v31.zip->libEGL.dll"

      Filter name: "FILE FILTER= AMD Delete: *"

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          Hi kingofthebongo,



          I see that you have been white-listed and have already received a response from Dee Dee on the related question you posted in the OpenGL forum.



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            We have put some serious effort into figuring this problem out, to see if we can minimize it. The short answer is, haven't come up with anything yet.


            The problem comes from the configuration of malware protection on user machines. "Virus" protection schemes can be configured to see any .exe or .dll as dangerous and will strip them out or quarantine them. That's what you're experiencing. Some of our downloads include precompiled shared libraries and executables. For obvious reasons.


            The archive on our side is fine, complete, and virus free.


            I have personally downloaded this file multiple times using multiple browsers, and operating systems, at work and at home, with and without VPN. Sometimes I have the same experience, and sometimes it downloads just fine. In once case I found the "malware" setting in the browser, tweaked it, and the file came through just fine after that.


            Complicating this... if you are working for a company that has installed malware protection on the company servers (AMD is such a company), you may not be able to control this personally. It will be your company's IT department, and good luck with that. Here at AMD we have implemented internal drop boxes where we can put zip archives like this and share them without problem. We cannot email them to each other, they are destroyed by our internal malware protection. That's also why I tested this both inside and outside the company firewall.


            What I'd recommend is... head out into the web, see if you can figure out your browser's malware scheme, and tweak it. If what you're facing is a company-wide problem for you, then get it at home outside your company's fire wall/malware protection.


            Hope this helps.

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                Why not just recompile the libraries?

                I have downloaded this at home.


                By the way i see that this topic was present with the earlier versions of this library.

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                    First, glad you got it! This stuff annoys me, perhaps not as much as it annoys you, but downloading a file should be simple. I have been bitten by the same problem.


                    To address your question, different engineering teams take different approaches to what's in a package. Ideal, there's an installer. No problem. If it's a zip archive, however, the team may have reason to include a compiled dll or .exe. Perhaps the source code is not distributable for example. So the only way they can get the functionality to the user is via a compiled file. And then user malware protection can kick in.


                    This is, as you note, a long standing issue. When consulted, I encourage teams who must deliver dlls or exes to create an installer.