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No option for Surround sound in AMD HDMI output.

Question asked by ewendel88 on Aug 18, 2015

Alienware M17x

Windows 7 64

Duel Mobility Radeon 58xx

Updated Drivers (realtek and amd) (tried rollbacks too)

HDMI to HDMI and Toslink splitter/extractor (extracts audio from HDMI and outputs digital optical audio.


     Basically whatever I do the only option in speaker configuration for the AMD HDMI Output is stereo.

I have scoured Google for answers and tried everything. The specification sheet for my GPU claims up

to 8 channel audio. what am I doing wrong? please help me.


PS. I'm trying to setup my PC to play games on my TV with surround sound.

PPS. only one toslink input on receiver.