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r9 270x, windows 10, 3 monitors

Question asked by cybroken on Aug 18, 2015



I think my problem relies on the new driver (15.20.1062.1004-150803a1-187674C) for Windows 10, because with an old Windows 8 one it works:


- My first monitor is an 25inch FullHD monitor, plugged in with HDMI-cable.

- The other 2 monitors (1280x1024) are identical and plugged in with DVI-cable


I can't extend my Desktop over all three devices, only two can be used at the same time, but why? With an old driver version it works..

I get a message like: "to extend the desktop, a desktop or a display must be disabled", if I click on the little triangle (and then "extend") in the right upper corner inside the "Creating and arranging Desktops"-Window.


What can I do?