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System Service Exception atikmpag.sys on Windows 10

Question asked by prometheus110 on Aug 18, 2015
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I recently downloaded Windows 10 yesterday afternoon and this morning I discovered that my PC would almost always bluescreen when starting normally and would display the message "System_Service_Exception atikmpag.sys". Starting my PC on safemode prevents the BSOD from occurring and I attempted to follow some of the few suggested fixes by uninstalling the catalyst control centre and removing all associated AMD files using the AMD cleanup utility 1.4. This appeared to work at first and so I attempted to reinstall the catalyst control centre using the automatic detection and downloading service, however partway through the installation process my PC suffered another BSOD and restarted. As of now my PC still crashes when doing the normal startup process and displays the same message as above.


I'm pretty much out of ideas as to how to fix this and would greatly appreciate any help as I've found that not many people have had the same problem (or if they have that it's been drowned out by people having trouble with atikmdag.sys).