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windows 10 and 4way crossfire R9 290

Question asked by cross_fire_4 on Aug 18, 2015

hi all

got problem with 4way CF r9 290 in windows 10 x64


got fresh install of win 10 x64, latest AMD driver and on my setup i got this kind of behavior, ex during playing


starting GTA V at 4K, playing 5min, on OSD info from MSI AB got info about that all 4 GPU's working, got GPU speed, mem speed etc

got also frame rate, ex 60fps


then in one moment game slows to 15-20 fps, sometimes after next 10min of playing all is going back to normal fps,

but what is not normal is that I see still that all 4 GPU working but there is just frame drop (reading this from OSD info MSI AB)

it looks like cross fire is down and then i got output power just from one GPU


there is no pattern of time, place of playing, what I'm doing in GTA V...


most of time I need to save game and restart all, because of low fps so no chance to continue play


on Project cars didn't had this problem yet (crossfire down)

but got other, it's hard to explain but even if it's run at 4K 60fps you see that background on edges is slowing, screen is freezing, but just on 2nd perspective, didn't had this problem on win 8.1, win 8.1 -> to win 10


during 3dmark, heaven benchmark working OK


in general,

at win 8.1 x64 + 15.6.x driver all was working OK

win 8.1 upgraded to win 10 no problem, was using last version of amd drivers 15.6.x


after install win 10 x64 + 15.7.1 what is for win 10 I got this strange problem, for now just visible in GTA V


also V-sync not working for win 10 + 15.7.1


tried reinstall on GTA, OS drivers, all... still the same.