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1920X1080 Resolution capped at 29hz?

Question asked by tench on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by rcheaton

Hi, I hope somebody can help me here.


I got my new 24" Acer 1080P monitor today.


After setting up, I tried to set the resolution to 1920X1080 at 60hz (I have checked, and yes the monitor does support these settings together).

However, when I tried to apply these settings it was automatically capped to 29hz, which leaves a lot of the screen flickering and it looks unpleasant. When I put it back to 60hz it lowered my resolution, which also looks pretty terrible.


I troubleshooted for several hours - tried creating custom resolutions (I am using AMD, which I understand does not support this feature, but I managed to do it via a long and convoluted way). However, after adding the new resolution (1920X1080 60hz) and restarting, it did not save and I cannot access it.


So I tried to uninstall my AMD drivers. Upon re-installation, I get a message saying "Your Operating System is not 64-bit, this download supports 64-bit only."

My OS is Windows 10 64-bit.


I'm completely lost on what to do next here - if anybody has any advice then please get to me asap.