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monitor blanking problem

Question asked by steinbeigle on Aug 17, 2015

First, I think my R9 is amazing. I love it. But....


The problem I'm having is this: my monitors will just go blank. They will still have some backlighting, as though they are trying to display something, but there is nothing but blank black screens being displayed. This problem will occur after waking up from a sleep state on the PC, or immediately after booting the computer. Sometimes it will occur after the power saving features turn off the display, but the computer is not in a sleep state. When the computer is in this state, it will not respond to input. I cannot reset it with the hard reset switch.


Things I have tried: I have tried running Ccleaner to remove old gpu drivers. I have disabled all start up programs related to anything graphics that is not an identifiable AMD product. I have upgraded the OS to windows 10. I have reinstalled all AMD software, including drivers.


The problem began when I upgraded from an old geforce 270 card to the AMD R9 290 by Sapphire.


Any advice?