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AMD 6276 single core performance in virtualization

Question asked by on Aug 17, 2015

We are experiencing issues with single core performance with the 6276 16-core processors. To give you an example we have an application that does multiple queries and it uses one core. You can see from the picture attached that the core on the virtual machine (top) and the core on the host (bottom) are maxed out.


I've read that these are not very good and I've determined that the Intel L5520 2.27Ghz performs MUCH better at this specific task. Unfortunately this isn't the only application we are seeing this problem on.


So my question is:

  • Are AMD's (this series) just not good at single core tasks?
  • If I purchased the 16-core equivalent in the 6300 series (I think 6376 maybe) would it be better? It looks like the 6300 series of this processor only includes some new instruction sets that only certain applications use