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Does AMD processor provide warranty without invoice

Question asked by khoinp1012 on Aug 17, 2015
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I recently bought an AMD FX 8300 from a shop in Tmall 送系统U盘 AMD FX-8300 八核原盒装CPU 3.6G 8M替8350AM3+ 8300-tmall.com天猫

I live in Viet Nam. The Shop in China so I bought it by using a buying-from-tmall service - who will buy and ship the goods (my Fx 8300 in this case) to my house in Viet Nam. I bought a lot of goods by using this service. And the SERVICE DIRECTLY BUY THE PRODUCT, I do not have the invoice. They might send the invoice to me when they ship the processor, but I just moved the box (and might be also the invoice) into the trash. Because processor's defective rated was under 2%, I think it would not be a problem.

However, the processor was defective when I got it. Can I get the warranty of my processor in Viet Nam?