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Unable to enable 6th monitor with AMD Radeon HD 7800 series

Question asked by tjfischer16 on Aug 17, 2015

I've been struggling with this for a few days now, and hopeful that someone on here has a simple solution.  I've got the AMD Radeon HD 7800 series on a Windows 7 Pro (x64) machine.  All 6 monitors are the same (Asus VS248, 24") and connected via HDMI-to-Mini Displayport cables. At most, I can get the AMD Catalyst Control Center to Enable 5 of the 6 monitors.  When I try to extend the desktop to include the 6th monitor, I get a message "To extend the desktop, a desktop or display must be disabled". 


Also if I try to create a new display group, the maximum number of displays it will let me include in the group is 5.


I know that the 6th monitor works as I am able to exchange it for one of the other 5 monitors.  Before upgrading the driver to the latest version, I was able to have all 6 monitors active and utilized.


Has anyone run into this before?  Any suggestions?