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Are the 15.7.1 Windows 10 drivers supposed to have Miracast support?

Question asked by truk14 on Aug 16, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by truk14

I just moved up to a HD7950 and windows 10 to add support for miracast (wireless display.) I also have an intel 7960AC wireless adapter (also specifically listed as miracast capable.) Currently my dxdiag reports that miracast is 'not supported by graphics driver,' which for some reason I could have sworn they added for this card. I have CCC version 15.7.1 and driver version 15.20.1062.1004. I looked at the current Beta drivers, but they are only 15.6 CCC version. Can anyone confirm if my drivers should be compatible, and, if not, is there a compatible driver I can download?