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My Radeon R9 280x used to run at optimal performance but now does not

Question asked by rehadley on Aug 16, 2015

I'd like to preface that I'm not the best with technology in this area, so please excuse my lack of knowledge.


I have a newly built computer with an AMD Radeon R9 280x graphics card installed. For the last week and a half since it's been built, it has been running smoothly and perfectly. The game I play the most, Skyrim, has been running at Ultra High Quality. Today, quality settings have been reduced to low/medium quality. Several other games, including Borderlands and Call of Duty have been running just as poorly.


What could have changed? Could a graphics driver just "go bad" after running just fine for the past week and a half? Would it need to be reinstalled?  I apologize for my lack of knowledge on the subject and if any answer or more information could be provided in layman terms, that would be greatly appreciated.