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    ATI Radeon HD 5870 on MacPro running Windows 7 under Bootcamp EA Need For Speed The Run or Call Of Duty Modern Warfare


      Hello All,


      I used to be able to play games like need for speed the run and COD Modern Warfare on my MacPro 1,1 (2006)  running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 32 bit Operating System under bootcamp, but suddenly now on a brand new install of Windows on an Samsung SSD, when I invoke Need for Speed, The Run it gives me an error to say:


      Please check graphics card and associated drivers.

      Failed to Initialize Graphics Adaptor

      Please ensure that your video card is compatible and the drivers for it installed.

      Usually this is a result of missing vendor specific drivers




      When running Call of Duty, Modern Warfare (Steam) I first got a message that it needed to install Microsoft DirectX, and then after invoking Call of Duty (Steam) again, I get:


      DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

      Please check the readme for errors.


      HOWEVER I am unable to find any drivers on the website that would work! When I installed the AMD catalyst 15.7.1-with-Dotnet45-win7-32bit, it says:


      We were unable to find a driver for your system. No AMD compatible hardware was found.


      I also tried:


      The HD 5870 is a $500 graphics card, and I really need to use it to play these games. Plust this used to work, what can I do?


      Note, just running vanilla windows and firefox programs does not give me an error. I suspect it is some directx or some associated drivers that need to be updated to get this Need For Speed, The Run and Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare to start working again.. any ideas out there?


      THIS USED TO WORK FINE BEFORE, is there something I need to install from Microsoft to get this to work, like update some drivers?